Thomas Stewart Robertson

Artist Statement:

Each work I undertake is an invitation to experiment with colour, texture, form, and light in order to ignite passion, challenge perspectives and stimulate the imagination of the viewers.

In my “Beauty in Extremes” Series, I wanted to explore sanctuaries of beauty, rest and renewal that can be found in seemingly isolated and harsh conditions; discovering the mysteries of connection in the isolation, and significance in the vast expanse.

I hope to encourage my viewers to explore the breadth, length, depth and height of their own being and the universe.

– Thomas Stewart Robertson


Thomas Stewart Robertson was born in Toronto and raised in Brantford, Ontario, where his interest in art began as a young boy.  When he was four, a stranger gave him his first drawing pencil – a gift for politely waiting while the elder person descended a flight of stairs.  Thomas soon discovered his enthusiasm for drawing was limitless – so much so, that when his older brother received a set of oil paints the following year, he claimed it as his own.


Thomas’ early artistic development was encouraged by his mother.  By the time he was ten, he knew he was destined to become a painter – the question was how to accomplish such a lofty goal in a small provincial town.  His answer came while standing outside the headquarters of Gould Outdoor Advertising.  At the opportune moment, he would present himself to those responsible for hiring.  They would recognize his gifts and he would begin his career with the company.


In high school, Thomas formed an important association with Gary Woodward, an art teacher who recognized the depth of this student’s commitment.  With Woodward’s encouragement, Thomas put his boyhood plan into action, placing his portfolio before Louis Crowe, the noted illustrator who headed Gould’s art studio at the time.  Crowe immediate agreed to employ and mentor the youth upon graduation.


Thus began Thomas’ career as a commercial artist.  For the next twenty-six years he would work with, and be mentored by, accomplished illustrators such as Crowe, Nasium Dar and John Fletcher.  While at Gould, Thomas continued to develop personal works in oil, pencil, acrylics and mixed media. Originally, these projects were influenced by the styles he was most drawn to as a young man – highly detailed images of the Old Masters and the surrealistic images by Salvador Dali.  Over time, his work grew to encompass a range of thematic and stylistic elements that form the basis of his mature work – internal beauty as revealed through life’s inner moments.


In 2000, Thomas left the commercial field to pursue his dream of becoming an independent artist.  From his Brantford studio, he continues to evolve into areas such as sculpting and three-dimensional painting.  His works are displayed in galleries throughout Ontario and hang in private and corporate collections in Canada, United States, Australia, Europe and Great Britain.

Thomas welcomes visitors to his studio at 11 Queen Street in Brantford by appointment.

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